SMART_watch - Fourth Minibook

Introduction Highlights of contents FIND THE SIMILARITY: Investigating the RIS 3 monitoring system Differences and similarities in Central Europe partner countries. The first chapter is about the RIS 3 monitoring systems and practices in CE partner countries: SMART_watch investigated distinctions and similarities bringing out the potential for quality cooperation. Roles, actors and similarities are underlined, thus making it possible to outline a transnational system. OVERCOME DIVERSITY: Common indicators and benchmarking tool How to overcome differences and propose an organisa - tional and functional solution to monitor and improve S3. The fourth Minibook aims at presenting the re - sults and outcomes of the activities performed by SMART_watch partners to analyse the way RIS 3 implementation processes are monitored and evaluated in CE partner countries. This Mini book contains also proposals for the process of reshaping S3, with specific reference to monito - ring systems management. This second chapter is about the project proposal to overcome existing differences that were identified in the analysis phase. Working on existing priorities and indi - cators, partners elaborated a Common set of monitoring indicators and linked it to the Benchmarking tool desig - ned by the project in order to make reliable comparisons between regions and ROs. TRANSNATIONAL VIEW: The SMART_watch model for a RIS 3 observatory A well-argued model for cross-border and multi-scale cooperation on RIS 3 implementation. The third chapter deals with the project proposal for a RIS 3 Transnational observatory. Although discussion is still on-going whether the operational level of the observatory should be regional or national, partners prefer to adopt a transnational perspective with focus on thematic fields. LOOK TO THE FUTURE: The SMART_watch proposals on how to move forward The project reflections on how to support Smart Specia - lisation to promote new growth opportunities in the EU. The conclusive chapter is about the recommendations that SMART_watch consortium put forward in a period in which the S3 strategy is evaluated and suggestions for reform and reshaping are proposed. Suggestions refer to the ideas partners have to make the RIS 3 system more European and less fragmented.